佐藤文香 SATO Ayaka     俳句・現代詩・作詞・詩歌コーディネート

1985年生まれ。兵庫県神戸市、愛媛県松山市で育つ。1998年、夏井いつきによる俳句の授業をきっかけに句作を開始し、高校時代は俳句甲子園に出場した。早稲田大学第一文学部卒業。第二回芝不器男俳句新人賞対馬康子奨励賞、第一回円錐新鋭作品賞白桃賞受賞。池田澄子に師事。句集に『海藻標本』『君に目があり見開かれ』『菊は雪』。編著に『俳句を遊べ!』『天の川銀河発電所 Born after 1968 現代俳句ガイドブック』など。


Ayaka Sato is a Japanese poet, writer and poetry coordinator. They started writing haiku when they was 13 years old, and while in high school they won the group championship and the top individual prize at the Haiku Koshien. While a student at Waseda University, they won the Judge’s Prize at the Shiba Fukio Haiku Newcomer Awards. Their first collection of haiku, “Seaweed Specimen(海藻標本),” won the Sou Sakon Haiku Grand Prize. Their other haiku collections are “You Have Eyes Open Your Eyes(君に目があり見開かれ)” and “Chrysanthemums Like Snow(菊は雪)”. They has also edited an anthology of young haiku poets, “The Milky Way Galaxy Power Plant Born after1968 Gendai Haiku Guidebook(天の川銀河発電所 Born after 1968 現代俳句ガイドブック),” and an introductory book, “Play haiku!(俳句を遊べ!)” and others. Currently, they is planning and editing books by contemporary haiku poets, teaching haiku, appearing in the media, and doing other work that contributes to contemporary haiku in Japan in a wide range of ways.